peetave (peetave) wrote,

No Nose is Great News!

Yay, no death!  Oh my flipping word it was nice to go out and about with Punt and gain some experience without aggro or death! 

So anyway, started my day checking my AH items.  All but two sold, so yay to even more gil for me.  I am starting to make some great turnaround.  In a matter of only three months I should have over 100k!  Tee-hee /laugh

So it was back to Eastern Altepa Desert.  That place is crawling with Antica's everywhere!  Someone needs to hire an exterminator.  I am glad a lot of them check as unworthy to fight, or I certainly would be in more trouble than I have been in the past.  Actually, I did have a scare as I was fighting a beetle with Sav.  An Antica started to cast aspir, however it turned out there was another adventurer behind me.  Even if I was the target, I was well on top of my game, and could have knocked the snot out of both at the same time.

So we ended up going against about three beetles, and one Dhalmel.  I did not get as many good drops from the Dhalmel as I had been in the past, but on the flip side I myself was not dropped, so you know, I think we can call this a good day!  Sav was even able to log out.  I just hope when I come back I do not see two Dhalmel next to each other or my resistance to punt Sav might break /laugh.
Tags: auction house, desert dhalmel, eastern altepa desert, fellow, whm
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