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Day 3

So, it would appear I am having some problems attempting to help Savul-Kivul get more powerful.  Once again back to Eastern Altepa Desert in attempts to gain more experience.  Once again ran into aggro trouble.  Was fighting a Desert Dhalmel and an Ancient Centurio aggro'ed me.  At least this time, puntable did not die, which was the first time.

The first time we went out, we both died.  Was attacking a beetle and two Antica's jumped us.  She died first, and I followed soon after.  Talk about not able to do anything!  Three things gang raping me.  I at least was able to reraise myself that time.  The second time, due to macro errors, punt died, but I lived.  Was attacking a Dhalmel and she was getting double hit for hard damage.  This time, punt did not die, but I was wiped since I was unable to get my spells cast.  I attempted to repose birdman, however, it was resisted.  The Dhalmel was asleep but woke up and with them both attacking me, I was not able to cure myself, and of course like the idiot I am, I forgot to have reraise on me, so... down I went.

On the bright side, my items were hot selling at the auction house.  Thank goodness for that, I am tired of being broke.  Also, Sav and I are much closer now.  In fact, due to our closeness, I was able to convince her to focus on attacking, which meant she did not continuously attempt to get the bettle or neckie's attention.  That is the reason she lived.  I mean, she did not take a single hit!

I still have a strong urge to kick her for a field goal.  My flipping word why do they have to be so... puntable?!?

Still, I lost a bit of experience, and I was getting so close to advancing.  I am optimistic, though, I would be more so if my BLM job was not so gimped.  It is not anywhere close to a proper ratio to my WHM job.  I only went so far originally because I wanted to make travel much easier and cheaper on myself.  Not to mention, it sure helps to be able to warp when I get a chance to telewhore.  Some might see it as degrading the way I sell my body like that, but still, got to put fish on the table somehow.

It is difficult to find others to adventure with my BLM.  Still, again, I am hopeful.  Guess we shall see how tomorrow goes...
Tags: aggro, antica, auction house, death, desert dhalmel, eastern altepa desert, fellow, jeuno, whm
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