peetave (peetave) wrote,

Bad Walking Stick

Okay, so I came on for a little bit and worked with Mobile Football again.  Was able to get a few kills in with Dhalmel and beetles, and out of no where was blindsided by a Sabotender.  Rat bastard!  Well, this time he did not have a friend with him, and while I got interrupted the first time, my second attempt at Repose stuck, and from there, I simply warped.  This would mark the first time that Sav and myself would part sooner than usual without someone dying being involved!  So at least that was a good note to leave.  I took care of a few quick things in Jeuno, then I headed back to the desert to call my fellow.  Then I had to take a break.

Well, when I came back, the first thing that happened was more aggro, this time from an Antician.  Are you kidding me?  You do not even chec worth while, but that is what I get for being too close to it when I was attempting to get MP back up.  Well, needless to say, it was destroyed, and then we went on with the rest of our time killing beetles and Dhalmel.

As I was doing that, Bien, from my linkshell, was kind enough to get me an axe for Sav, as it is past time for a weapon upgrade.  Next time I go back and Sav calls it a night, I will pick it up.  Only 282 gil!
Tags: aggro, antica, bien, desert dhalmel, eastern altepa desert, fellow, jeuno, linkshell, sabotender, whm
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