peetave (peetave) wrote,

Free Outside

So, Sav was still around from last time when I came back.  We took on a few things and she left after a little while.  It was mostly beetles and Dhalmel.  After she left, I decided to hot-foot it to the outpost (temporarily forgetting the outpost is actually IN Eastern Altepa, going to total opposite way).  I also had forgotten that the Mog Tablet transit was in effect, so it was free!  This could really turn to my advantage since my BLM is still gimped out.

So, I jumped to San d'Oria, changed my support, then teleported back to Eastern Altepa, called my fellow, and called it a day.

Oh, did I mention I did not die?!?  No aggro even :D

Tags: desert dhalmel, eastern altepa desert, fellow, san d'oria, whm
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