peetave (peetave) wrote,

Working the Wrong Job

Okay, so I was in extreme hurry to get to the desert and call Sav.  I was in such a hurry to set things up, I totally forgot to set my second job correctly.  However, I think this worked to my benefit, and RDM allowed me to do way more damage.  My only problem was getting home.

Well, I was not worried about that for the short time that I was out with Sal, killing Dhalmel, getting aggro by Antica, beating them down (a bit harder and with some nice EN-spells), and most importantly, my mobile football had gained a level!  It just just in time, also, since I was pressed for time, so we both logged out for the day.
Tags: aggro, antica, desert dhalmel, eastern altepa desert, fellow, jeuno, level-up, meriphataud mountains, san d'oria, whm
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