peetave (peetave) wrote,

Back to the Grinding Stone

Well, old habbits die hard.  I called Punt again, and as we were walking around had a few moments of aggro.  The first one was another Antican Decurio (the one that dropped me last time).  This one was a little weaker than the last one that dropped me, however, this one went down... thanks to the use of my two hour ability.  Something so easy should not be so hard /sigh.

So after a rather lengthy fight, I found out an inportant bit of information.  It turns out that Sabotenders will aggro!  Yes, I had two jump me so I was not able to get a single spell off so I was dropped /sigh.  Thus, it was back to Jeuno.

An interesting turn of events, I ran across an adventerer who wanted a teleport.  He claimed how he had not been around for like three years, and was broke (welcome to my world).  I sent a party invite to go ahead and be kind this time.  The person had to ask how to accept my invite?  You are a level 60+ blue mage?  Someone explain how this happened.

Well after that, I decided it was time to work on BLM some more.  I used my return ring to zap me to the Meriphataud Mountains.  Then, I just started hacking away at gobs and Wandering Saplings until I figured it was time to call it a night.
Tags: aggro, antica, blm, death, eastern altepa desert, fellow, goblin, jeuno, meriphataud mountains, sabotender, wandering sapling, whm
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