peetave (peetave) wrote,

Ale to the Queen

So I had dipped a little in some drink.  I think someone put something into it, as I was feeling... happier than usual.  I called Sav and we partied.  Despite any state I might have been in, we ended up doing just fine.  We were able to take on Desert Dhalmel and beetles without a hitch, and even partied until she was tired and left.  I decided to take a little rest.

So my linkshell had an opening for a party, finally, for my BLM.  I was able to make it up two levels.  We had an absolute whiner in the group going on and on again about everything.  I have never seen a ninja be such a little bitch!  Luckily we had some PL help from zulu and someone else from my linkshell.  Oh how nice to get ever close to not having a gimped out WHM/BLM combo.  Of course, I still have a few levels to go.

Well, me and a member of the group decided to duo, even though that did not last very long.  I got aggro from a gob, and my attempt to call for help to save us was too little too late.  While I lived through the ordeal, my friend Rabbit did not.  Then he blood warped to Bastok, so I decided to OP warp back to San d'Oria and call it a night.
Tags: aggro, blm, desert dhalmel, eastern altepa desert, exp party, fellow, goblin, san d'oria, valkurm dunes, whm
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