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Val Dooms

As I was in La Thein anyway, I decided to get some solo work done with my BLM. I would later find an EXP party in the Dooms. I ended up getting my BLM up to 23.

 I noticed something strange. The WHM of the party appeared to lose consciousness and enter into another realm. Above his head was a red dot. I have seen this behavior before, and some times, the person just up and disappears without a trace. Many times, however, they just snap out of it and continue about their business. What odd behavior! Any further references to this shall be known as r0.

Here I Go Again

Well, I was in a party. I got my WHM leveled up to 54. I decided to lend out my Brass Subligar, Flame Sword, and Rabbit Mantle +1 to Weezy, someone I was partying with. Also, while doing some duo-adventuring with Faithy, he ended up getting a one shot kill to him. It was rather brutal... at least I think it was. Someone ended up raising him before I had the chance.

Dimensional Shift Paradox

Something has happened to me. For some reason, it is the future from when I am writing. I think I have slipped into a dimensional rift. For example, the next log is dated for tomorrow, August 9th, 2009 (Sunday). However, the current date is January 25th, 2010 (Monday). It is extremely strange that I can understand this discrepancy in time.  Also, I am not sure what happened to the 1st thru the 8th.  To note this effect, I am going to tag these entries as "transcribed", and the time put one second prior to the next day. Also, my transcribed information seems to be extremely limited, if not lost. Dates completely lost, I shall just leave as such. Maybe some time someone will find them, and add them. Who knows, this entire situation is perplexing to me. It makes the fur on my tail stand up on end.

Bad Walking Stick

Okay, so I came on for a little bit and worked with Mobile Football again.  Was able to get a few kills in with Dhalmel and beetles, and out of no where was blindsided by a Sabotender.  Rat bastard!  Well, this time he did not have a friend with him, and while I got interrupted the first time, my second attempt at Repose stuck, and from there, I simply warped.  This would mark the first time that Sav and myself would part sooner than usual without someone dying being involved!  So at least that was a good note to leave.  I took care of a few quick things in Jeuno, then I headed back to the desert to call my fellow.  Then I had to take a break.

Well, when I came back, the first thing that happened was more aggro, this time from an Antician.  Are you kidding me?  You do not even chec worth while, but that is what I get for being too close to it when I was attempting to get MP back up.  Well, needless to say, it was destroyed, and then we went on with the rest of our time killing beetles and Dhalmel.

As I was doing that, Bien, from my linkshell, was kind enough to get me an axe for Sav, as it is past time for a weapon upgrade.  Next time I go back and Sav calls it a night, I will pick it up.  Only 282 gil!

Free Outside

So, Sav was still around from last time when I came back.  We took on a few things and she left after a little while.  It was mostly beetles and Dhalmel.  After she left, I decided to hot-foot it to the outpost (temporarily forgetting the outpost is actually IN Eastern Altepa, going to total opposite way).  I also had forgotten that the Mog Tablet transit was in effect, so it was free!  This could really turn to my advantage since my BLM is still gimped out.

So, I jumped to San d'Oria, changed my support, then teleported back to Eastern Altepa, called my fellow, and called it a day.

Oh, did I mention I did not die?!?  No aggro even :D

Working the Wrong Job

Okay, so I was in extreme hurry to get to the desert and call Sav.  I was in such a hurry to set things up, I totally forgot to set my second job correctly.  However, I think this worked to my benefit, and RDM allowed me to do way more damage.  My only problem was getting home.

Well, I was not worried about that for the short time that I was out with Sal, killing Dhalmel, getting aggro by Antica, beating them down (a bit harder and with some nice EN-spells), and most importantly, my mobile football had gained a level!  It just just in time, also, since I was pressed for time, so we both logged out for the day.

Back to the Grinding Stone

Well, old habbits die hard.  I called Punt again, and as we were walking around had a few moments of aggro.  The first one was another Antican Decurio (the one that dropped me last time).  This one was a little weaker than the last one that dropped me, however, this one went down... thanks to the use of my two hour ability.  Something so easy should not be so hard /sigh.

So after a rather lengthy fight, I found out an inportant bit of information.  It turns out that Sabotenders will aggro!  Yes, I had two jump me so I was not able to get a single spell off so I was dropped /sigh.  Thus, it was back to Jeuno.

An interesting turn of events, I ran across an adventerer who wanted a teleport.  He claimed how he had not been around for like three years, and was broke (welcome to my world).  I sent a party invite to go ahead and be kind this time.  The person had to ask how to accept my invite?  You are a level 60+ blue mage?  Someone explain how this happened.

Well after that, I decided it was time to work on BLM some more.  I used my return ring to zap me to the Meriphataud Mountains.  Then, I just started hacking away at gobs and Wandering Saplings until I figured it was time to call it a night.

Ale to the Queen

So I had dipped a little in some drink.  I think someone put something into it, as I was feeling... happier than usual.  I called Sav and we partied.  Despite any state I might have been in, we ended up doing just fine.  We were able to take on Desert Dhalmel and beetles without a hitch, and even partied until she was tired and left.  I decided to take a little rest.

So my linkshell had an opening for a party, finally, for my BLM.  I was able to make it up two levels.  We had an absolute whiner in the group going on and on again about everything.  I have never seen a ninja be such a little bitch!  Luckily we had some PL help from zulu and someone else from my linkshell.  Oh how nice to get ever close to not having a gimped out WHM/BLM combo.  Of course, I still have a few levels to go.

Well, me and a member of the group decided to duo, even though that did not last very long.  I got aggro from a gob, and my attempt to call for help to save us was too little too late.  While I lived through the ordeal, my friend Rabbit did not.  Then he blood warped to Bastok, so I decided to OP warp back to San d'Oria and call it a night.

No Nose is Great News!

Yay, no death!  Oh my flipping word it was nice to go out and about with Punt and gain some experience without aggro or death! 

So anyway, started my day checking my AH items.  All but two sold, so yay to even more gil for me.  I am starting to make some great turnaround.  In a matter of only three months I should have over 100k!  Tee-hee /laugh

So it was back to Eastern Altepa Desert.  That place is crawling with Antica's everywhere!  Someone needs to hire an exterminator.  I am glad a lot of them check as unworthy to fight, or I certainly would be in more trouble than I have been in the past.  Actually, I did have a scare as I was fighting a beetle with Sav.  An Antica started to cast aspir, however it turned out there was another adventurer behind me.  Even if I was the target, I was well on top of my game, and could have knocked the snot out of both at the same time.

So we ended up going against about three beetles, and one Dhalmel.  I did not get as many good drops from the Dhalmel as I had been in the past, but on the flip side I myself was not dropped, so you know, I think we can call this a good day!  Sav was even able to log out.  I just hope when I come back I do not see two Dhalmel next to each other or my resistance to punt Sav might break /laugh.

Day 3

So, it would appear I am having some problems attempting to help Savul-Kivul get more powerful.  Once again back to Eastern Altepa Desert in attempts to gain more experience.  Once again ran into aggro trouble.  Was fighting a Desert Dhalmel and an Ancient Centurio aggro'ed me.  At least this time, puntable did not die, which was the first time.

The first time we went out, we both died.  Was attacking a beetle and two Antica's jumped us.  She died first, and I followed soon after.  Talk about not able to do anything!  Three things gang raping me.  I at least was able to reraise myself that time.  The second time, due to macro errors, punt died, but I lived.  Was attacking a Dhalmel and she was getting double hit for hard damage.  This time, punt did not die, but I was wiped since I was unable to get my spells cast.  I attempted to repose birdman, however, it was resisted.  The Dhalmel was asleep but woke up and with them both attacking me, I was not able to cure myself, and of course like the idiot I am, I forgot to have reraise on me, so... down I went.

On the bright side, my items were hot selling at the auction house.  Thank goodness for that, I am tired of being broke.  Also, Sav and I are much closer now.  In fact, due to our closeness, I was able to convince her to focus on attacking, which meant she did not continuously attempt to get the bettle or neckie's attention.  That is the reason she lived.  I mean, she did not take a single hit!

I still have a strong urge to kick her for a field goal.  My flipping word why do they have to be so... puntable?!?

Still, I lost a bit of experience, and I was getting so close to advancing.  I am optimistic, though, I would be more so if my BLM job was not so gimped.  It is not anywhere close to a proper ratio to my WHM job.  I only went so far originally because I wanted to make travel much easier and cheaper on myself.  Not to mention, it sure helps to be able to warp when I get a chance to telewhore.  Some might see it as degrading the way I sell my body like that, but still, got to put fish on the table somehow.

It is difficult to find others to adventure with my BLM.  Still, again, I am hopeful.  Guess we shall see how tomorrow goes...